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About Us

Did you know, the word Pyro comes from a Greek word, meaning; Heat!

It is believed that Greeks were the very first to use bread as a plate!

This is why we like the name Pyro. It brings us back to the roots of where the idea of a pizza came from... The simplicity of a hot bread plate with no boundaries!

Pyro is a family run business which opened its doors in August 2014. With Irelands 2006 Olympic Ski racer, Thos Foley managing its team, the goal is to change direction and go ‘up hill fast`. Thos’s love for Pizza and Pasta came from his trips across Europe and beyond. Travelling from one race to the next, he soon discovered that Pizza is one of the most loved foods in the world.

Before the Ski bug took a hold of him, Thos had a dream to open his own cafe from the young age of 18. As a child, you would have spotted him selling his own home-made biscuits and ice-cream on the high streets of Market town; Kenmare. His inspiration and passion for food production came from working with his food hero, Maura Foley, his mom; Founder of Kenmare Restaurants; The Purple Heather, the Lime Tree and Packie’s.

After having his own family and living a busy lifestyle between the Alps and Kenmare. Thos and his Fiancé, Sophie Lowe, a developing Artist, wanted to create a casual atmosphere where good food could be enjoyed by all, without the formalities. They soon came up with the idea to start a new venture together with the hope of living a sustainable family life in the artistic town of Kenmare.

With Sophie’s choice of colours and interiors, Pyro has a retro vintage atmosphere to welcome young and old! You will find bespoke lighting made from vintage car hubs and local artwork displayed to add a flavour of Kenmare’s artistic character. People have the choice to eat in if they so wish and enjoy the quiet location just off Henry Street. Nestled between some of the town’s finest restaurants, you can really feel like you are ‘getting a slice of Kenmare‘!

Kenmare is renowned for its wealth of restaurants and creativity, its artists and musicians. It is a hidden nest that should not go unnoticed, with its three main streets you will be amazed at how much there is to experience. What better place to watch the world go by, sitting with a glass of wine and eating fresh pizza topped with Irish Artisan cheese’s and meats with a crispy fresh side salad.

A fine dining experience without the fuss and at a fraction of the price! Why not finish with a delicious Pyro Pot of Pleasure and locally roasted Artisan coffee. Hmmmm awaken those senses before heading to the bars for some live music.